Table of Contents

The Not-So-Illusive Josh Vineyard

By Cindy Dyer

America’s Got Talent Season 7 contestant Josh Vineyard shares his love of dancing and growing up with a hearing loss. This is not your typical cover story…read why.

Convention 2014: Keep Austin Weird

By Nancy Macklin

Registration is open! Act now for early-bird discounts.

Jury Duty…Just Do It!

By Barb Quart

Here’s a personal perspective about accepting jury duty when you have a hearing loss.

IP Captioned Telephone Service

By Linda Kozma-Spytek

Report on the captioned telephone survey with HLAA members, list of certified providers, minimum standards, new FCC rules and more.

Captioned Telephone: The $75 App

By Lise Hamlin

Here’s what HLAA does for people with hearing loss.

Hearing Loss, Cinema and Me

By Jerry Bergman

Volunteer and advocate, Jerry Bergman, shares his successful campaign for movie captioning.


Square Peg, Round Hole: Understanding Plugs, Connectors and Jacks

By Brad Ingrao

Brad’s latest raining and courses show a lack of understanding on this topic.

Remembering Dad

By Anna Gilmore Hall, HLAA executive director

I’m writing this for those family members and friends as I reflect on my own experience growing up with a dad who had hearing loss.


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