Table of Contents

Shouting Won't Help, but Writing About It Did

By Katherine Bouton

A former editor of The New York Times talks about why she wrote her book and her coming to realize that admitting her hearing loss was the key.


HLAA’s New Executive Director’s Vision for the Future

By Anna Gilmore Hall

HLAA’s accomplishments for advocating on behalf of people of all ages with hearing loss are extraordinary.


The City of Roses Welcomed HLAA with Open Arms

By Nancy Macklin

Here’s the wrap-up of an exciting time at Convention 2013 this past June in Portland, Oregon.

New Avenues Break the Cost Barrier

By Ed Belcher

The Internet has changed the world including hearing health care delivery.


Oh My Aching Ears: Hearing Loss and the Listening Effort

By Brad Ingrao

What’s an acoustically toxic environment for people with hearing loss? The author explains and gives solutions.

Hearing Aids and the Affordable Care Act

By Lise Hamlin and David Gayle

We have an opportunity to advocate for more hearing aid coverage in the Affordable Care Act. Here’s why and how.

America’s Getting in the Hearing Loop

By Stephen O. Frazier

The author reports on the encouraging progress in the United States and hearing loop installations in public places.

Seen and Heard: Debbie Mohney

Mickey Mouse and Yogi Bear

By Jane Biehl

A childhood memory of not being able to hear lingers. But, in the end, our author is left with a great gift from her dad.