Table of Contents

COVER STORY The Live Music Capital of the World Awaits You

By Nancy Macklin

HLAA Convention 2014 in Austin, Texas, June 26-29. Read what’s in store for you.

Tinnitus is Big Business

By Katherine Bouton

Read what’s being done to manage tinnitus – the perception of sound in one or both ears or in the head when no external sound is present.


I Might Not Hear Everything, but I’m Still Listening

By S.R. Archer

The author had no idea how to deal with her hearing loss and move on. More so, hearing aids were for older people, not someone in their fifties.

Hearing Lost, Inspiration Found

By John Threlfall

If it hadn’t been for his hearing loss, theater artist and acoustic guitarist Randy Rutherford would have never found his success.

HLAA Fights for Consumer Rights

By Lise Hamlin

HLAA filed a Friend of the Court Brief supporting equal access to captioned telephones.

Walk4Hearing – Wrap-Around Fundraisers

By Ronnie Adler and Julie Fisher

“Grandma Doesn’t Know What We’re Talking About”

By Joyce Hagerman

The author talks about how getting a hearing test and wearing hearing aids improved her relationships.

Waiting Rooms – Why Does it Have to Be So Hard?

By Dana Mulvany

The author makes her wish list for hearing health care providers’ waiting rooms.


Being a Clear Voice for Consumers

By Anna Gilmore Hall

The Hearing Loss Association of America advocates for equal access and political empowerment for approximately 48 million Americans with hearing- loss. We work with industry and government to expand access to mainstream and assistive technologies, enforce existing disability laws, regulations and standards to impact the lives of people with hearing loss. HLAA promotes self-advocacy for its constituents to ensure equal opportunity in the areas of telecommunications, employment, health care, education and community life.