Table of Contents

The “Intrepid” Alice Marie Stone

By Barbara Kelley

After 35 years, in her first interview, Alice Marie Stone, wife of Founder Rocky Stone, talks about the early days of the organization as well as some never-written-about-before stories about life with Rocky.


Hearing Loss: Working Toward a Solution

By Shaina Nishimura

Hearing loss comes with frustration for everyone involved; not only by the patient who is struggling to understand the conversation, but also their families and friends.

DuPont Displays – A Great Place to Work

By Tara C. Stewart

Member Cherie Alvarez accepts the HLAA Outstanding Employer Award for DuPont Displays.

HLAA Convention 2015 in St. Louis

By Nancy Macklin

Register now and get the early-bird rates.

Seen & Heard: Member Candice Meinders

Transitioning from High School to College: Helpful Hints

By Larry Medwetsky

Here are tips and resources for students.

Employment and Hearing Loss: A Case Study

By David Gayle and Lise Hamlin

Read about a real-life hearing loss discrimination case and how it was settled.

To Thine Own Self Be True

By Valerie Stafford-Mallis

The author shares personal insights about how to accept hearing loss.

Applying for Social Security

By Lisa Giorgetti

Learn about benefits for people with hearing loss.

At 84, I’m Tuned In

By Eli Weil

With technology and a can-do attitude this author gets what he needs.

Making Hearing Loss an Issue of National Concern for 35 Years

By Anna Gilmore Hall

Over the past 35 years HLAA has succeeded in many things. HLAA’s accomplishments for advocating on behalf of people of all ages with hearing loss are extraordinary—but we are far from being done. Our advocacy has focused on gaining access to mainstream American culture for people with hearing loss in such areas as technology, telecommunications, hearing health care, employment, education and leadership. We are working on eradicating the stigma associated with hearing loss and raising public awareness about the need for prevention, regular hearing screenings and treatment.