Table of Contents

Music to My Ears

By Barbara Chertok

HLAA Member Barbara Chertok interviews Nancy Williams, pianist, author and advocate.


A Listening Profit

By Nancy M. Williams

This author listens more keenly and passionately which gives her a listening profit.

Seen and Heard

Member profile – with Meredith Segal

Audiometric Test Procedures 101

By Larry Medwetsky

Have you ever wondered what all those tests mean when you get your hearing tested? An audiologist describes the tests and terms and what they mean for consumers. Please see the July/August 2014 issue for part I.


HLAA Public Policy and Advocacy Agenda

By Lise Hamlin

Here are the goals as HLAA continues to work to bring positive change for the 48 million people with hearing loss in the United States.

Understanding the Terms – Culturally and Audiologically

By Barbara Kelley

Here’s a concise explanation of all the terms surrounding hearing loss and the HLAA philosophy and history.


Accessibility Drama Has a Happy Ending

By Paula DeJohn

The HLAA Denver Chapter’s success story with the historic Denver Civic Theater

Reflections of an Audiologist with Hearing Loss

By Mark Ross

Back by popular demand, Dr. Ross talks about his own hearing loss and the excellent aural rehabilitation by the Department of Veterans affairs in the 1950s.

In a Perfect World

By Anna Gilmore Hall

HLAA’s executive director paints a picture of a perfect future for people with hearing loss and why HLAA is poised to make it happen.