Table of Contents

Best Practices in Hearing Enhancement -- What Jack Discovered and What Every Consumer Should Know

By Cynthia Compton-Conley

Today, a range of hearing enhancement technology is available to improve a person’s ability to hear and understand in various situations


The Smartphone Will See You Now -- Really?

By Larry Herbert

The author talks with Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone, and looks at the future of hearing health care.

Hearing Aid Connectivity – Bridging a Closer Connection to the World of Sound

By Larry Medwetsky

Find out how to extend the use of your hearing aid with the latest technology.


HEAR in the Real World

By Julie Olson

Technology is a boon to those with hearing loss, but we can’t forget the human factor.

The ADA at 25

By Lise Hamlin

The ADA was a landmark civil rights legislation that put people with hearing loss on an equal playing field in the workplace and in public places.


The Stigma of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

By Mark Ross

All the technology in the world can’t help if people won’t use or wear it. Here’s a look at why there are negative perceptions about hearing loss.

Tech Talk/Seen & Heard

Larry Herbert

Technology – It’s Never Been a Choice Not to Use It!

By Teresa Goddard

A personal story about using technology to live successfully with hearing loss.

Enhancing Your Workplace Success

By Teresa Goddard

Learn when and how to ask for reasonable accommodation and the Job Accommodation Network (JAN).

Consumer Technology Initiative: Your One-Stop Shop

By Anna Gilmore Hall

HLAA’s Consumer Technology Initiative is a new online resource to make it easy for people to get this technology information in one reliable, centralized place.