Table of Contents

The Train is Leaving the Station: Hop On!

By Nancy Macklin

Here’s all the latest information and registration forms for the HLAA Convention 2015 in St. Louis, June 25-28.

State Agencies for People with Hearing Loss

By Lisa Kornberg

Learn about the National Association of State Agencies of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Subjects Being Sought

By Donna Sorkin and Teresa Zwolan

If you are 65 or older, there is a new study to examine expansion of Medicare criteria for cochlear implants.


The Walk4Hearing and Alliances Help Communities Across the Nation

By By Ronnie Adler

Lets Chat -- Changing Our Internal Conversations

By Michael Harvey

A psychologist asks his patients what thoughts they have about themselves and their hearing loss and gives tips on modifying your self-talk.

A Consumer’s Perspective

By Ann Liming

An HLAA member talks about her cochlear implant.


Chilean SHHH

By Barbara Kelley

All it took was the foresight of one woman inspired by our organization in the U.S. to help people with hearing loss in Chile.

My Near Deaf Experience

By Mark Ross

An audiologist reflects on when he first lost his hearing.

Hearing and Health Care -- High Stakes Communication

By Kathi Mestayer

Although health care workers have a strong streak of compassion, it’s complicated and ever-changing when there are patients with hearing loss.


[Please] Don’t Call Me Names

By Robin Itzler

The author talks frankly about the terms hard of hearing and hearing impaired that are often used by others to describe her.

It’s a Fact -- The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

By Anna Gilmore Hall

HLAA is highly respected by legislators and policy makers as a national organization, but we also need individual letters and complaints to be led to document the assertions that we are making.