Table of Contents

The Results are In

By Barbara Kelley

Hearing Health Care for Adults: Priorities for Improving Access and Affordability.


Shilo Harris: Man of Steel Will

By James Williams

A wounded warrior shares his inspirational journey from severe debilitating injuries—including hearing loss—to becoming a successful writer and motivational speaker.

Wounded Warrior Receives New Ears

By Staff Sergeant Matthew Bates

All Gave Some; Some Gave All

By Barbara Kelley

Hearing Loss Magazine catches up with Captain Mark Brogan, U.S. Army (retired), one of the many veterans living with hearing loss.

A Pill to Prevent Hearing Loss Holds Promise

By Patricia Kime

DoD’s Hearing Center of Excellence

By Lynn W. Henselman

Walk4Hearing: All in the Family

By Ronnie Adler and Ann Rancourt

Hearing loss is a family affair—just like the Walk4Hearing.


It’s a Beautiful Tree, But It’s Alone

By Mike Harvey

A passion for photography has helped Paul Smith deal with his hearing loss, but one photo of his has brought inspiration and hope to many.

Knowledge is Power—Educate Yourself So You Can Advocate for Your Child’s Educational Needs

By Suzanne D’Amico

Getting accommodations in school for your child with hearing loss can be a daunting and confusing process. 


HLAA Fox Valley Chapter Brings HOPE to Its Members

By Julie Olson

An innovative support group for people new to hearing loss allows them to share their experiences, frustrations and feelings. 


Auditory Brainstem Response Testing for Early Detection of Hearing Loss and Abnormalities of the Auditory Nervous System

By Larry Medwetsky

Specialized procedures allow audiologists to identify a possible hearing loss in infants as well as to detect the presence of lesions or tumors in the auditory nerve or brainstem.

Innovative Graduate Programs Bring Access and Mentorship to Young Scientists

By James DeCaro

“Applying to Ph.D. programs is competitive—students need top research experience, letters of recommendation, and high GRE test scores to be seriously considered for acceptance,” Beach says. “As a Deaf individual, this was a barrier for me—there are few research opportunities available to Deaf students.”


Air Travel and Hearing Loss: What are My Rights?

By Lise Hamlin