Table of Contents

Message from the Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

The Year in Review.


Hearing Loss Can Be a Beautiful Thing

By Emma Faye Rudkin

Miss San Antonio 2015 and 2017 shares her experiences with hearing loss and how her faith keeps her going.

A New School Year: Let the Learning Begin

By Rachel Fogg

A tenth-grade student born with hearing loss offers some life lessons.

Walk4Hearing National Sponsors: We Couldn’t Do This Without You

By Ronnie Adler

National sponsors are critical to the success of the Walk4Hearing, and financial support is only a portion of what they give.

When the Student Becomes the Teacher

By Shelby Hersey

Going through school – and life – with a hearing loss inspires the author to become the same teacher she disliked years ago.


Earbuds, Headphones and Hearing Loss

By Leslie Lesner

Teens are listening to music that is too loud and for too long, and they are taking a big risk.

Confidence Comes When You Truly Find Yourself

By Larry Medwetsky

Frequent Hearing Loss Magazine contributor takes a break from technology-related articles to share his inspiring personal journey with hearing loss.

HLAA2017 Convention: We're Shaking it Up in Salt Lake City!

By Nancy Macklin

We’ve concocted a recipe for an out-of-this-world Convention in 2017.


Raising Awareness of Hearing Loss on a Global Scale

By Barbara Liss Chertok

An interview with Ruth Warick, president of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People.


Seen & Heard: David A. Bitters Sr.

HLAA Corporate Member Column: Cochlear North America

By Patricia Trautwein

Cochlear Introduces Its Newest Resource for Parents of a Child with Hearing Loss.


HLAA Chapter and State News

Book Review: Wired for Sound: A Journey Into Hearing

Reviewed by Lydia Gregoret

Advocacy: On the Job With Hearing Loss

By Lise Hamlin

What follows are some tips to help you navigate a few workplace situations.