Table of Contents

Stepping Up for #CommAccess

By Ann Rancourt

Last year’s Call to Action challenged people to step up and advocate for better communication access. Learn how these HLAA members did just that, and the difference it made in their lives.

When Passion Shines, Walkers Step Up

By Ronnie Adler and Ann Rancourt

For our top fundraisers – and many others – the Walk4Hearing is about much more than raising money.

HLAA Chapters and Walk4Hearing: a Winning Combination

By Valerie Stafford-Mallis

Actively participating in the Walk4Hearing is a fun activity that can help your chapter grow


The Beauty of Salt Lake City Awaits You

By Niaz Siasi

The excitement for HLAA2017 Convention is building!

Saving Tax-free With an ABLE Account

By Marilyn L. Weber

A new law allows people who are disabled, including those with hearing loss, to save tax-free.

Cochlear Implants: A Hidden Technology?

By Vint Cerf

The “Father of the Internet” talks about his firsthand experience with cochlear implants and why he believes they are underutilized.


Meet Donors Who Make a Difference

By Gail Garfinkel Weiss

Three long-term donors and supporters of HLAA discuss their involvement and visions for the future.

American Cochlear Implant Alliance: Removing Barriers to Cochlear Implant Care

By Donna Sorkin

The ACI Alliance focuses on carrying out initiatives that are designed to remove barriers to cochlear implant care that currently exist for children and adults who could benefit from them


Seen & Heard: Cindy Jagger

After 100 Years, Still “The Luckiest Hard of Hearing Person in the Country”

By Vern Thayer

HLAA’s oldest living member shares part of his long journey with hearing loss and why he considers himself to be so lucky.

Advocacy: Department of Justice Issues Final Rule on Movie Captioning

By Lise Hamlin

The new rule clari es the appropriate auxiliary aids and services that must be provided in movie theaters under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).