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Message from the Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

Reckoning Technology with People.


There’s Strength in Our Numbers—The Power of Chapter Advocacy

By Lise Hamlin and Erin Mirante

Chapters in New York City, Central Virginia, Oklahoma City, and Washington D.C. have proven that advocacy works, even if it’s through the efforts of just a small group of committed people.

Adapt and Change—Strategies and Tactics for Attracting New Members to Your Chapter

By Katy Kuczek

Attracting new chapter members—and retaining them as future advocates and dedicated volunteers—is a daunting task. Passionate leadership can only go so far.


The Boys from Brooklyn—A Story of Hard Work, Love and Compassion

By Brad Ingrao

Just a couple of regular guys from Brooklyn, who also happened to be amazing mentors, are the reason Dr. Ingrao became the man he is today.

A Guide to Internet Captioning of Your Favorite Shows, Movies, News and Social Content

By John H. Capobianco

The captioned world is expanding. Yet, there is still a major arena that can seem like the Wild West when it comes to captioning: the internet.

It’s Never Too Late

By Kay Tyberg

No matter what age someone is they can embrace the need to socialize and still be an active part of the family and community.


Beauty in the Sound / Of Hearing

By Alyssa Blackmer / By Christy Gavitt

Two beautiful poems just for people with hearing loss.

HLAA News and Updates

By Nancy Macklin

The Brand New Is Live!

HLAA2019 Convention

By Niaz Siasi

Save the Date!


By Ronnie Adler and Ann Rancourt

Take a Walk with Us, Won’t You?

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