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Message from the Executive Director “Humans Are the Next Big Thing”

By Barbara Kelley

Visiting the CES oor was intriguing. We saw the latest in wearable hearing devices, which included traditional hearing aids.


The HLAA Walk4Hearing Is More Than an Annual Affair, It’s a Family Affair

By Ronnie Adler and Ann Rancourt

Entire families have grown stronger because of the comfort, support, and resources the Walk4Hearing provides.

In Your Ear

By Ed Kaiser

Should you have to pay through your nose to hear through your ears?


By Mary Li

There was something about the intrigue of complete silence. There was no struggle to hear, it was peaceful.

It’s Not Rocket Science: Hearing Loss, Technology and Strategies for Everyone

By Brad Ingrao

The language the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses to describe and regulate hearing aids can be confusing and misunderstood.

The Ultimate Smart Home Technology for People with Hearing Loss

By Lindsey Banks

Smart home technology can make life more convenient, more connected, a little safer, and a lot simpler for people with hearing loss.


The Shaping of Sustainable Careers Post Hearing Loss: Toward Greater Understanding of Adult Onset Disability, Disability Identity, and Career Transitions

By David C. Baldridge and Mukta Kulkarni

Hearing loss does not need to mean the end of successful careers and meaningful relationships.

America Is Getting in the Hearing Loop

By Stephen O. Frazier

The HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop campaign has inspired a consumer-driven effort that stretches from coast to coast.


Message from the Chairperson of the Board Setting the New Year in Motion

By Don Doherty

Advocacy The Air Carrier Access Act and You

By Lise Hamlin

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) “is a law that makes it illegal for airlines to discriminate against passengers because of their disability. The Department of Transportation is responsible for enforcing the ACAA, which applies to all ights to, from, or within the United States.”


Chapters Our Half-Century Journey Through Hearing Loss

By Merv Daniels with Bev Daniels

HLAA2018 Convention Experience the Biggest and Artsiest Town on the Prairie!

By Niaz Siasi