2018 Nov/Dec

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In this issue we turn our attention to veterans. Hearing loss or not, we salute and thank all those brave men and women who have served our country. In the cover feature you’ll read the story of an Army combat veteran with hearing loss who wanted to continue serving our country as an FBI Special Agent after leaving active duty. We are also excited to announce our very first virtual chapter—the HLAA Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter. There’s so much more in this issue. You can find links to a few articles below, but to enjoy the whole thing you need to be an HLAA Member. If you’re not, consider joining so you don’t miss all that Hearing Life has to offer!

A Veteran’s (Hearing) Loss Turns Out to Be the FBI’s Gain

When a job applicant believes they have been discriminated against because of a hearing loss, it takes perseverance to make sure their legal rights have not been violated. This can be especially true when applying for a job in law enforcement with the federal government.

Message from the Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

A View From 36,000 Feet


Bridging the Divide: HLAA Is Uniting Veterans…Virtually

By Erin Mirante

What happens when someone wants to join an HLAA Chapter but they don’t have one locally? That’s what happened when a group of veterans with hearing loss wanted to get together. Read about the novel concept they developed to solve their problem.


Hearing Less Can Help You Hear Better?

By David Seligman

Imagine living in a world where you can hear all the sounds around you. There are so many that are assaulting your ears every minute throughout the day. How does one cope with this?

I Spy with My Electronic Eye: Medical Imaging and Hearing Implants

By Brad Ingrao

Taking a look at how different hearing implants react with current medical imaging technologies.

Moral Self-Licensing: When Compassion Becomes Ordinary Evil

By Mike Harvey

Moral self-licensing explains how past good deeds can liberate individuals to engage in behaviors that are immoral and unethical. Why is that important to people with hearing loss?

…Holy Night

By Kevin Medlin

Remembering the sounds of Christmas as a child with normal hearing helps get the author through the holidays now that he has a hearing loss.


Message from the Chairperson

By Don Doherty

HLAA Veterans Across America


By Lise Hamlin

So Just What Is the FCC?



By Kiersten Valko

There’s No Stopping Us! Looking Ahead to the 2019 Walk4Hearing



By Niaz Siasi

New Year, New Convention