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The cover feature of our annual young adult issue is about Dylan Boehler, Charlie Marek and Jacob Landis, three young men brought together by baseball, a passion for helping others – and a bike. In “Lillie of the Valley” you’ll read the inspiring story of 17-year-old Lillie Wightman, who has dealt with many challenges already but has come out on top. But that’s just the start. There’s articles on technology, the Walk4Hearing and you have to check out the pictures in our HLAA2018 Convention wrap-up.

Message from the Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

You Say it Best!


In a League of Their Own

By Dave Hutcheson and Natalie Wilson

The story of three young men who were brought together by a love for baseball and a passion to help people with hearing loss, despite the fact they live almost 1,000 miles apart.

Lillie of the Valley

By Lillie Wightman

She’s been through a lot in her short 17 years, with or without a hearing loss, but after being diagnosed with hearing loss less than two years ago Lillie is now empowered and ready for whatever the future holds.

Hearing Aids: Stop Dreaming, Start Streaming!

By Leanne Powers

The ability to stream sound from your smartphone transforms your hearing aids into smart devices that improve how you hear during your favorite activities, and how you stay in touch with others.


Helping Your Adult-Entitled-Dependent Child Grow Up

By Mike Harvey

Extreme dependence of grown children on their family could result in a Failure to Launch.

Hospital Teams Send an Important Message

By Ronnie Adler

It’s really amazing (and gratifying!) on Walk day to see the incredible number of walkers many hospitals show up with on their team.

What’s Under the Hood?

By Brad Ingrao

Dr. Ingrao takes a look at hearing aid and cochlear implant features in 2018.

Let’s Reminisce a Little

By Niaz Siasi

Taking a (visual) look back at the HLAA2018 Convention.


By Lise Hamlin

IP CTS, the FCC, and You



By Erin Mirante

What a Turnout by Our Chapters and State Organizations at the HLAA2018 Convention!


By Ann Rancourt

Take Charge and Take Part!

Message from the Chairperson

By Don Doherty

Some Exciting Outcomes of the HLAA2018 Convention

Corporate Partner

By Amanda T. O’Donnell

ADHEAR: A New Treatment for Conductive Hearing Loss from MED-EL