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Hearing loops remain vitally important for hearing accessibility and quality of life for millions of people with hear loss. Our July/August 2019 issue sets down some winning strategies and practical advice for getting hearing loops installed in your community. Plus, it discusses the many ways HLAA is advocating for people with hearing loss—and how you can too. There’s lots on new technologies and apps that are making a meaningful difference. And the articles include some insightful stories about others’ experiences that plainly reveal just how much we all have in common. We really can learn from each other. So please—take a look. Enjoy. Learn. And we invite you to join us.

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Hearing Loop Victory: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

By Juliëtte Sterkens

Want a hearing loop at a venue in your community? Dr. Sterkens equips you with all the right strategies to make it happen.


A Note From Our Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

Hearing Loss, Hearing Health, Hits the Big Time


Thoughts From Our Board Chair

By Richard Einhorn

HLAA Starts With You



By Lise Hamlin

Action in the States


There Oughta Be a Law

By Stephen O. Frazier

Read this and be inspired. The change we seek is waiting for you to drive it.

I Give It Its Due So I Can Enjoy the Rest of the Day: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

By Michael A. Harvey

By sharing the stories of three remarkable, yet ordinary people, Dr. Harvey gives us all a chance to apply their life lessons toward our own peace and happiness.

Living Well With Hearing Loss: Technologies That Are Making a Difference

By Katherine Bouton

Chock full of useful information, this feature highlights some of the latest advances helping people live well with hearing loss—while giving you a peek into the author’s latest book.


To Hear or Not to Hear, That Is the Question

By Larry Ruttman

In this light-hearted, engaging account, the author shares his own adventure—and success—in finding a hearing device that brings the sweet sound of music to his ears.