2019 Mar/Apr

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In our annual Walk4Hearing issue you’ll read about how we’re spreading the message of the importance of good hearing health at all the Walks and what we’re doing to help you take the first step of getting your hearing screened. On top of that you’ll also find some great articles on things you can do to “educate” your audiologist, the use of cognitive behavorial therapy for tinnitus, and the large number of airports around the world who are “getting in the loop.” If you’re not a member of HLAA join now to start receiving Hearing Life and all the other great benefits that come with membership!

Message from the Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

Where the Rubber Hits the Road


Recognizing the Importance of Hearing Health

By Ann Rancourt

Regular hearing screenings are the best way to detect a potential hearing loss, and getting a hearing screening is as easy as attending a Walk4Hearing near you.

Walk4Hearing Alliances Are Influencing Local Programs and Exceeding Outcomes

By Ronnie Adler

Who better to raise awareness of hearing loss in a community than the organizations right within that community—the ones that know it best.

Be the Change You Want to Hear: Helping to Shape the Next Generation of Audiologists

By Brad Ingrao

Reaching out and “adopting” an audiology program will provide future audiologists with the opportunity to see how their patients live outside the clinic.

What We Think Can Hurt Us: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Tinnitus

By Michael Harvey

Tinnitus can make a lot of noise and make life very challenging, even darn miserable at times, but it cannot    control what you think and ultimately cannot define who you are.


Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

By John Geoghegan

When the author experiences a precipitous hearing loss so severe it renders him deaf overnight, he finds himself cast into a hearing world that doesn’t want to listen.

Airports Are Getting in the Hearing Loop

By Steve Frazier

The number of hearing loops being installed in airports—both in the U.S. and abroad—is on the rise.


Message from the Chairperson

By Don Doherty

A New Era of Intelligence


By Lise Hamlin

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: While We’re Waiting…


Founder’s Corner

By Rocky Stone

People First


By Tim Browning

Chapter Success Stories—A Q&A with HLAA Los Angeles Member Lisa Yuan

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HLAA2019 Convention Update