Table of Contents

Message from the Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

You’re Pretty Terrific


Message from the Chairperson

By Don Doherty

The Time Has Come


We’re Roc-ing Rochester

By Amanda Watson

HLAA2019 Convention is here! Join us in Rochester from June 20–23 for an experience you’ll never forget.


Funny or Die: How Hearing Loss Saved My Life and Made It Better

By Betsy Glick

She was born feet first and not breathing, but the medications required to keep her alive also caused a hearing loss. Obviously the tradeoff was worth it.

Telehealth Tools to Supplement Your Hearing Care

By Clint McLean

Innovative technologies have created new avenues for hearing care that will improve the patient experience, and key among these is telehealth.

Loops at the Library

By Warren Brown and Dorothy C. Miller

What do hitching posts and hearing loops in Ohio’s Amish Country have in common? The library.

Mechanics and Magicians

By Rip Wilson

The path from confronting hearing loss to the cutting edge of gene research to possibly restore hearing has been a very unexpected life journey.

Have You Ever Experienced a Hearing Emergency?

By R.J. Pole

A seemingly simple thing like having your hearing aid or cochlear implant batteries die can have a far greater impact than what you might think if you’re not prepared.