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In this issue, we pay tribute to our Veterans. From the first-person telling of a Vietnam Veteran’s hearing journey, to an audiologist’s perspective on hearing loss and other auditory issues among our men and women in uniform, to an up-close look at the HLAA Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter—we’ve filled this issue with information of relevance to those who’ve served in the armed forces.

But that’s not all. This issue will propel you to do it yourself—with hearing loops at home; to embark on that holiday getaway to the Big Apple; and to better understand others—and maybe even yourself—when you read a clinical psychologist’s account of how one woman finally confronted her fears.

There’s something here for everyone. So enjoy. And if you’re not already a member, treat yourself this holiday season and join the HLAA community. It’s a place of belonging. And we welcome you.

Supporting Our Veterans Through All Their Years: The HLAA Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter

By Don Doherty, Bruce Douglas and HLAA Staff

Many HLAA members are Veterans. In this issue, we focus on uniting Veterans nationwide. Our first virtual chapter provides Veterans, their families and friends with information and support in addressing service-connected hearing issues—an important step in living life to the fullest.


Honoring Our Veterans


A Note From Our Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

Celebrating Our Networks and Shared Vision


Thoughts From Our Board Chair

By Richard Einhorn

Much Too Loud


Founder’s Corner

By Rocky Stone

Cheers to 40 Years

Never Give Up: A Vietnam Veteran’s Hearing Journey

By Gary B. Roush

What we learn when we listen to the stories of others broadens our understanding and outlook—and it can show us ways to help ourselves and loved ones. In this personal account, a Vietnam Veteran walks us down the winding road that led him to a cochlear implant. Take the time. You’ll be enlightened and learn a few things about flying Chinook helicopters.

Sue, Eleanor, Fred—And Facing Our Fears

By Michael A. Harvey

Sometimes that built-up dread of the things we fear can melt into love and laughter when we find the courage—and support—to face them. This is a good one for happy endings.

Awards and Recognition

By Hearing Life Staff

Two of our very own from the national office receive much-deserved recognition. Read about the hard work of Lise Hamlin and Hollace Goodman, and what they do each day to make a positive impact.

Acoustic Trauma and the Impact of Noise on Our Men and Women in Uniform

By Brad Ingrao

In this informative article, audiologist Brad Ingrao provides a broader context for understanding service-connected hearing issues. Drawing from his own observations as a practitioner, he explains—with welcome clarity—the basics of hearing loss and other types of acoustic dysfunction.


A Holiday Getaway to the Big Apple

By Fabia D’Arienzo

If you’ve never experienced New York City during the holidays, this article could be your ticket. Our friends from the HLAA New York City Chapter tossed a heap of intriguing ideas our way. We pulled them together for you in this useful listing.


Hearing Loops at Home

By Louis “Lou” Touchette

Loop’n Lou has been helping to wire happiness into hundreds of homes. Read this article for some tips and inspiration on how to install hearing loops in your dwelling.



By Lise Hamlin

Access to 911 in the 21st Century


By Amanda Watson

HLAA2020 Convention Heads to the Big Easy

Walk4Hearing Update

We’re Thankful for Our Partners With Purpose!