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This issue delves into the important role that the arts play in our lives. Find inspiration from a musician and sound engineer who persevered in the face of severe tinnitus and unexplained hearing loss. Reflect on how four contemporary films depict characters with hearing loss. Be amazed by how a young woman born with hearing loss has tapped into other senses to pursue her love of music as a violinist. Learn about recent advocacy for captioning in live theaters. And pick up some technology know-how to make your TV time a more enjoyable listening experience. It’s all here—and more. We encourage you to relax and enjoy this issue. If you’re not already a member, please join HLAA today.

Choosing Hope: Musician, Sound Engineer Perseveres to Save His Hearing

By Fabia D’Arienzo

This is a story of loss, discovery, hope, determination and gratitude. At once, it inspires
and reminds us that how we address our challenges and turn our misfortunes into blessings
means everything.


A Note From Our Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

The HLAA Mission Is Fully Alive!


Thoughts From Our Board Chair

By Richard Einhorn

The Near Future

Hollywood and Hearing Loss: What Four Contemporary Films Say About Us

By Nan E. Johnson

How the entertainment industry depicts characters with hearing loss shapes perceptions. This analysis takes a thoughtful look at four films, makes some keen observations, and proposes enlightened changes.

Book Nook / The Two B’s: A Review of Hearing Beethoven

By Richard Einhorn

Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the greatest musical geniuses who ever lived. But in this insightful review, we see that first and foremost, he was human—and his experience with hearing loss wasn’t so very different from that of others.

Improving Your TV Time Enjoyment With Technology

By Brad Ingrao

Whether it’s a Netflix series, the Bravo channel or the NFL Sunday Ticket, watching TV should be relaxing downtime. In this informative article, audiologist Brad Ingrao gives readers practical technology tips on how to make TV time a more enjoyable listening experience.

VA Provides HLAA With Helpful Information for Veterans

By Lucille B. Beck

This one is a must-read for Veterans and their families. Brimful of actionable information directly from the Department of Veterans Affairs, this article provides the perfect overview of the services available to help Veterans with hearing loss, tinnitus and other types of auditory dysfunction.


Hearing Music Through Deeper Senses

By Abigel Szilagyi

With refreshing candor, college junior Abigel Szilagyi shares her experience with hearing loss, her passion for music, and her tenacious, faithful spirit.



By John Waldo

The Curtains Go Up: Live Theaters Become Accessible Guest Column


By Amanda Watson

New Orleans Is Calling Your Name

Walk4Hearing Update

By National Walk4Hearing Staff

2019 Walk4Hearing Rallied for Hearing Health!

Chapters in Action

By Jerry Lapidakis

Teen’s School Project Helps Local HLAA Chapter