Winter 2023

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In this issue of Hearing Life, we introduce you to 16-year-old Sophie Shapiro. When her new friends at HLAA talked her into giving a hearing aid a chance, she found out what she’d been missing — and now, as a hearing activist and advocate with a special focus on youth, she’s singing a different tune. You’ll learn about the global chip shortage and what it means to the hearing industry, how expanded medicare improves access, highlights from Convention 2023 in New Orleans, how to deal with stress during holidays and events, and how the Google Maps app now includes hearing looped facilities. Every issue of the magazine includes news and updates from HLAA programs and initiatives.

A Note From Our Executive Director: Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary

By HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley

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Hearing Aids: What Are You Waiting For?

By Barbara Lewis

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Shapiro of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, was actively engaged with sports, friendships, family and academics, but when it came to taking the big step of being fitted for a hearing aid, she preferred to sit on the sidelines. When her new friends at HLAA talked her into giving a hearing aid a chance, Sophie found out what she’d been missing—and now, as a hearing activist and advocate with a special focus on youth, she’s singing a different tune.

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A Nearly 30-Year Friendship Rooted in HLAA

By HLAA Director of Strategic Communications Meredith Resnick

Staff members Lise Hamlin and Ronnie Adler met at an HLAA event and are now working to empower all people with hearing loss.

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Advocacy: Making Telehealth Accessible

By HLAA Director of Public Policy Lise Hamlin

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Health Care Communication Access: Helping Physicians Help Us

By Carol Haywood

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HLAA 2023 Convention

Join HLAA June 29-July 1 in the “Big Easy” for the largest event of its kind with workshops, demonstrations, an Exhibit Hall, social events, and a Research Symposium, all designed to educate and empower people with all degrees of hearing loss.

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The Global Chip Shortage: What It Means for the Hearing Industry

By Scarlet Lewitt

The global chip shortage has seen the demand for integrated circuits, or semiconductor chips, far outstrip the supply. This crisis has led to major price increases, shortage queues and even scalping among consumers for products that require semiconductors. More than 169 industries have been affected, including the hearing industry.

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Chapters: HLAA Community Outreach

By HLAA Chapter and Membership Coordinator Carla Beyer-Smolin

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Expanded Medicare Coverage for Cochlear Implants Improves Access

By Donna L. Sorkin and Laura Odato

The expanded Medicare policy for CI coverage has the potential to be life-changing for many older adults with moderate-to-profound hearing loss who struggle to hear with hearing aids. Patients who have been previously evaluated and told that they did not qualify may wish to go back to a CI center for reevaluation, as they may now qualify under the new criteria.

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Walk4Hearing: 2022 Year in Review

By HLAA Walk4Hearing Senior Manager Ronnie Adler and HLAA Walk4Hearing Manager Ann Rancourt

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Book Nook

By Larry Herbert

Hearing to the Max: Improving Conversations in the Most Difficult Listening Environments

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Holiday Stress

Alison Freeman, Ph.D.

Hearing loss is an ever-present stress requiring continual adjustment for each person, place or situation experienced on any given day.

Add to that the stress of holidays and events — including family dynamics, lofty expectations, and added social pressures — and you have a perfect storm for stress, anxiety, and avoidance. The author offers tips to navigate holidays with hearing loss.

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Google Maps Now Includes Hearing Looped Facilities

By Cheri Perazzoli

Thanks to a joint effort by HLAA’s Get in the Hearing Loop (GITHL) program and Google, you can now use the Google Maps app to find out before you go if a hearing loop is available at a business or venue.

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