Holly Cohen

“I support HLAA because of the people I’ve met whose friendship, wise advice, and encouragement have impacted my life in countless ways. They are inspirations and role models for how to live well with hearing loss.”

– Holly Cohen, HLAA-NYC Chapter board member

The support that Holly has received over the years is what encourages her to give back. The generosity of our donors is what powers our organization forward, allowing us to continue working to expand our community, and provide the critical support and resources needed to live well with hearing loss.

Holly extends HLAA’s mission into her local community and supports others as they navigate the challenges presented by hearing loss.  At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Holly was integral in creating a series of online gatherings for HLAA that helped people stay connected with one another and provided support during trying times.

With HLAA board members Roxana Rotundo and Shari Eberts, she co-produced We Hear You, an award-winning documentary about hearing loss.

It is because of you that HLAA can reach people who are encountering hearing loss every day and offer them the encouragement and support they need to better communicate and thrive.