Wayne Roorda, Senior

“I first heard about cochlear implants when I attended an HLAA sponsored event in Pennsylvania where I met Dr. John Niparko, surgical pioneer in cochlear implantation. This meeting was life-changing for me. When I realized I was no longer benefitting from my hearing aids, I decided to proceed with a cochlear implant, with Dr. Niparko as my surgeon. As a Mission Circle member of HLAA, I can ensure that others will benefit from the information and resources that HLAA provides.”

-Wayne Roorda, Sr., HLAA New Jersey State Association Recording Secretary

Like Wayne, many of our donors are personally impacted by hearing loss and these connections fuel our efforts. We are inspired by your passion to support the millions of people with hearing loss and advocate for the resources and tools to help them live more successfully.

Because of you, we can continue our vital advocacy work on policy and legislation. We have a strong agenda this year that includes pursuing access to best-in-class captioning as an accommodation on all video conferencing platforms including those used for telehealth, implementation of the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act, and Medicare coverage for hearing aids and other critical hearing heath technologies.

Your generosity is helping to empower this community and reach more people who need our help.