HLAA has touched the lives of millions of Americans over the years by simply staying true to our mission:

To open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy.

Whether it’s by attending our annual Convention, participating in a Walk4Hearing event, joining an HLAA Chapter, or getting information and support through hearingloss.org or Hearing Life (formerly Hearing Loss Magazine), our goal is to help you live a better, more fulfilling life with hearing loss.

What’s Your Story?

We’d like to know how HLAA has made a difference in your life. Also, tell us how you’re doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time to share and help each other. Find out more here.

Share Your Story

HLAA has had a huge impact on my life, providing education and support when I most needed it!
Marilyn – Denver, Colorado

I took back a lot of resources [from the HLAA2017 Convention], learned about new technology and downloaded some free apps I didn’t know about. I can’t wait to share all this with others!
Jorge – Riverside, California

The Walk4Hearing gives me the opportunity to show appreciation to HLAA for their advocacy efforts and for fostering connection among people who live with hearing loss.
Holly – New York City


I walk to bring awareness to the hearing loss community and to empower my son to walk with his head held high. Jan - Houston, Texas

The Walk4Hearing gives me the opportunity to show appreciation to HLAA for their advocacy efforts and for fostering connection among people who live with hearing loss. Holly - New York City


I moved to the Washington, D.C. area when I was 25 and I had never met someone my age with hearing loss. I’m grateful to be a part of what this chapter does in providing education and support to the local community. Rachel - Silver Spring, Maryland

The value of a Chapter to me is that as I learn about all of the things available to me that allow me to live as next to a normal life (with hearing loss) as possible I am then able to share that with my community. What I found disheartening is the fact that so many people with hearing loss live in the shadows and do not want to share their experience for fear of being shamed or simply treated differently. The chapter gives me the opportunity to educate and advocate on behalf of those with a hearing loss and find the resources they may need to remain productive and engaged in everyday life as well as in the workforce. Veronica – Riverdale, Maryland

Hearing Loss Magazine

I'm really blown away with the issue of Hearing Loss Magazine on chapters. I love it all! The cover is priceless! If memory serves me, this is the first issue devoted to chapters. I hope it won't be the last. I also hope our chapter leaders and members will not only enjoy it but also gain from it. Joan – Bethesda, Maryland

The July/August 2017 Hearing Loss Magazine was especially helpful to me. I have been dealing with hearing loss for more than 10 years, and like many of you, the struggle is real. I was diagnosed with hearing loss and tinnitus in my 30s and denied it for at least the first five years. I cried - I was too young, going to look silly with hearing aids, and cursed every loud concert I attended and every NSAID I ever took. While these actions may have felt soothing at the time, it was not until reading this issue cover to cover that I am finally feeling strong enough to advocate for myself. Every article spoke to me and helped me alleviate stress and angst in having to live with hearing loss. Thank you for the empathy, advocacy, and most of all care obviously poured into every issue. Lisa – Chicago, Illinois

N-CHATT (Network of Consumer Assistive Technology Trainers)

My brother Clayton was fitted with his first pair of hearing aids today. I am actually sitting here crying. Why? Because of happiness, and realizing how the HLAA N-CHATT program paved the way to help guide him in making the decision to go this route. To think my big brother would turn to his little sister for help and guidance is a huge step. This has inspired me beyond words. In the last week I have met with three people one-on-one and have heard about the impact N-CHATT has had on them and the joy they have found. Kay – Altoona, Pennsylvania

Hearing Loops

As soon as the speaker began, I got tears in my eyes because he (the speaker) was so clear and I didn't have to strain to hear. The entire day I enjoyed speech of crystalline clarity through the telecoil in my hearing aids, and I left at the end of the afternoon absolutely elated. Jerry Paulukonis, Seattle, on using the newly installed loop at the Washington State Bar Assn. conference center