Message from the Executive Director

Dear Chapter Leaders,

For those chapters who participate in the Unified Membership Program, there is a recent change in the revenue-sharing portion. We piloted the program in 2014 to share revenue with chapters and to give you a recruitment tool. We knew that we would have to evaluate and test it along the way.

The percentage of revenue shared was not equal for all membership levels; therefore, to make it simpler and equal, we instituted a 20 percent revenue share rate effective January 1, 2018. This keeps our record keeping simple across the board. There has been no increase in membership rates.

As all of our chapters participating in the Unified Membership Program know by now, rebate rates are changing beginning in 2018. A full breakdown of rates has been provided to every participating chapter in the program along with final membership reports for 2017. These reports were sent out via email on Thursday, January 11.

We apologize if you believe you were not notified earlier of this change. We try our best to communicate, but with people getting their news by different methods, we don’t always reach everyone.

Please encourage people to subscribe to this blog for a one-stop chapter news source. It’s easy, just sign up and no login needed. When news is posted it is delivered to your email address.

Our intention is to never keep our chapters in the dark, and definitely not to limit the resources we are able to offer you on the national level. For additional questions, please contact National Chapter Coordinator Erin Mirante at

What’s to Come?

We are working with the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) on a program that will provide CART to HLAA Chapters at a greatly reduced rate. We have a meeting with NCRA next week. More details to come.

New logos: Our designer is working on getting all the chapter logos prepared. Stay tuned for updates. When we have new brochures printed we will send each chapter a small supply compliments of CapTel who is sponsoring this outreach to HLAA Chapters. For now, please use the supply you have even if it’s the old logo. This is a phase-in period.

Thank You

That is one expression I don’t say enough. You reach places we can’t from Bethesda. On your own time, and with your passion and energy, you make your communities better places for people with hearing loss.

With Appreciation,

Barbara Kelley
HLAA Executive Director