Sustain │ Evolve │ Grow

Hearing health has reached a level of visibility on the national agenda like never before ─ making our work to sustain, evolve and grow HLAA for the benefit of all people with hearing loss even more important.

Most pressing is the need to make the most of this window of opportunity immediately before us and to build on the progress we’ve made.

With the possibility of Medicare expansion for hearing coverage and the availability of over-the-counter hearing aids in the next year — this is our pivotal moment. We have the chance, in hand, to bring positive, enduring change to the lives of people struggling with hearing loss today — and to the lives of those who’ll need our help tomorrow.

Only with your gift — and the supportive spirit that comes with that commitment to our mission and community — can we reach greater heights.

Your dollars make a genuine difference. They go directly to sustaining our community, evolving our organization and growing our reach and impact. Here’s how:

Sustain our community.
  • Education: Develop new content and programming on current and timely issues.
  • Support: Connect with people in their communities to provide comfort and encouragement.
  • Advocacy: Expand our network and take action for access and inclusion.
Evolve our organization.
  • Expertise: Increase our staff and expand our network of volunteers to better serve.
  • Digital platform: Make information more widely available and easier to access online.
  • Chapters: Provide umbrella programming with which chapters can engage, and offer tools to better inform and support people.
Grow our reach and impact.
  • Reach: Broaden our programs to engage new audiences and those who’ve been underserved.
  • Impact: Empower people by providing resources, services and expertise.
  • Partnerships: Foster collaborations to increase exposure and reach new people.

We’re the voice of people with hearing loss, and we empower people to find solutions. HLAA is fighting for you, right alongside you — always. If not us, who?

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