Karyn Menck

Vice Chair, Global Alliance


Karyn Menck Headshot

Karyn Menck is the owner of Nashville-based Tennessee Captioning, and is a Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, Registered Diplomat Reporter, Certified Realtime Reporter and Certified Realtime Captioner.

Karyn has captioned national and local programming for a variety of news, sports, entertainment, educational, and corporate programming across the country. She also provides CART and captioning for university students, theater productions, and professional football and grand slam tennis stadium captioning.

Karyn is a member of the National Court Reporters Association, Tennessee Court Reporters Association, and Hearing Loss Association of America. She has held various positions within the Tennessee Court Reporters Association, is the past secretary of the Nashville chapter of Self Help for the Hard of Hearing/Hearing Loss Association of America, and a past board member for the National Court Reporters Association.