Kelly Tremblay, Ph.D.

Clinical Audiologist, Tenured Professor


Kelley Tremblay

Kelly Tremblay, Ph.D., has a 30-year history of serving and advocating for people with hearing loss as a clinical audiologist and tenured professor. In addition to being a member of the HLAA Board of Directors, she leads the HLAA Task Force on Employment. Dr. Tremblay retired from the University of Washington in 2019, where she taught audiology students how to prevent, assess and treat hearing loss, and where she led a research team as the director of the brain and behavior laboratory. She remains very active by judging research applications for the National Institutes of Health, teaching at multiple universities as an adjunct and affiliate professor, and serving as an adviser to multiple government and nonprofit organizations, including the World Health Organization. Because she loves mentoring, she extends expertise beyond the walls of academia and serves as an executive coach for those who are committed to accessibility and healthy aging.