Lise Hamlin

Director of Public Policy, HLAA


Photo of Lise Hamlin

Lise Hamlin joined the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) national staff as director of public policy in April 2008. Lise, who has a hearing loss herself, has worked as an advocate for people with hearing loss for some 20 years. She currently represents HLAA on federal advisory committees, industry advisory groups, and consumer coalitions, including her current positions as the co-chair of the FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance.

Lise has also taken part in developing, maintaining and presenting training programs on hearing assistive technology and on emergency preparedness. She fields emails and calls daily from consumers with hearing loss who experience barriers to employment, technology, access to public places and telecommunications access and works directly with them to help overcome those barriers. Lise has been recognized with a national Oticon Focus on People award, a Spirit of SHHH award and the F. Michael Taff award from the Human Rights Commission of Rockville, Maryland.