Ted Vagelos

Director Business Development, TracFone Wireless, Inc.


Ted Vagelos

Ted Vagelos has more than 40 collective years of creative experience in telecommunications and consumer electronics and heads Strategy & Business Development at TracFone Wireless. He and his team are responsible for developing differentiated wireless products/services and forging new long-term relationships. Ted was responsible for TracFone’s Emergency Broadband Benefit program and is now also responsible for TracFone’s Affordable Connectivity Program.

Prior to TracFone Wireless, Mr. Vagelos held senior executive positions with AT&T, Frontier Communications, priceline.com, Assurance Wireless (T-Mobile), and Virgin Mobile USA (Sprint).

Mr. Vagelos has been known as the ultimate “Chief Experience Officer” and has demonstrated that by being “customer centric” and listening to customers’ needs, while being very knowledgeable of telecom products/services, one can develop innovative new products/service, create stronger customer brand advocates and maximize the lifetime value of the customer.

Mr. Vagelos has been awarded numerous U.S. Patents for telecommunications and has about 17 U.S. Patents pending.

Mr. Vagelos hold both an Executive M.B.A. and a B.A. from Vanderbilt University. He lives with his wife and two children in southern Florida.