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Spring 2023

Ensuring Communication Access in Health Care for Patients with Hearing Loss
by Shawn Norris 

Winter 2023

Helping Physicians Help Us
by Carol Haywood

Fall 2022

Why is it So Hard to Get the Health Care Accommodations that I Need?
by Megan A. Morris, Stephen Lockhart and Kori Eberle 

Summer 2022

Improving Communication Access in Medicine
by Joseph Montano

Spring 2022

Effective Communication in Medical Settings: Your Rights Under the Law
by Andrew Webb

Winter 2022

An Interventional Audiology Program: Improving Access, Raising Awareness
by Catherine Palmer

Fall 2021

Interprofessional Help for Hearing: Updates and Initiatives
by Kelly Tremblay and Margaret Wallhagen

Summer 2021

Equitable Health Care: Setting the Record Straight
by Megan Morris

Spring 2021

Research May Be the Key to Change
by Nicholas Reed

Winter 2021

The Time Is Now
by Kevin H. Franck