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Fall 2022

Why is it So Hard to Get the Health Care Accommodations that I Need?
by Megan A. Morris, Stephen Lockhart and Kori Eberle 

Summer 2022

Improving Communication Access in Medicine
by Joseph Montano

Spring 2022

Effective Communication in Medical Settings: Your Rights Under the Law
by Andrew Webb

Winter 2022

An Interventional Audiology Program: Improving Access, Raising Awareness
by Catherine Palmer

Fall 2021

Interprofessional Help for Hearing: Updates and Initiatives
by Kelly Tremblay and Margaret Wallhagen

Summer 2021

Equitable Health Care: Setting the Record Straight
by Megan Morris

Spring 2021

Research May Be the Key to Change
by Nicholas Reed

Winter 2021

The Time Is Now
by Kevin H. Franck