The Latest on Genetics and Hearing Loss

Friday, June 21
8:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. 

At HLAA2019, world-renowned geneticists will present the latest research on hearing loss that occurs later in life, and what can be done for families who have inherited the gene. In a rapidly moving field, much has been accomplished since the last HLAA symposium on genetics in 1999. There will also be workshops with families with known and perceived genetic hearing loss, talking about their experiences, genetic counseling and more.

Beginning in 2019, the Research Symposium will be two hours with the moderator presenting a 20-minute account of why the topic is relevant to people with hearing loss. The introductory talk will lay the groundwork for the science that will be presented. After a break, the program will move on to three presentations of 20 minutes each followed by a ten-minute Q&A. To further extend the learning experience, the presenters will be invited to participate in afternoon workshops with smaller groups where attendees can have a more interactive experience with the researchers.

We are so excited to have the following researchers present at the HLAA2019 Research Symposium:

  • Thomas Friedman, Ph.D., NIDCD
  • Wade Chien, M.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Richard Smith, M.D., University of Iowa
  • Zheng-Yi Chen, Ph.D., Mass. Eye and Ear/Harvard

Take a look at each presenter’s bio and be sure to check back on this page for more information to come soon!