Step Up and Get Your Hearing Screened!

This year, our call for the Walk4Hearing to action is “Get Your Hearing Screened!” Untreated hearing loss affects overall health in negative ways – falls, isolation, anxiety, depression, and now, a link between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline.

Take charge of your hearing health. Anyone can experience hearing loss and hearing screenings can detect hearing loss. They can be done by a hearing health care professional, community organization (Lions Clubs), some doctors, etc. If hearing loss is detected, a complete hearing evaluation from an audiologist or otolaryngologist is needed and will put you back on the right track to better hearing health!

Let us know that you, or someone you care about, is taking charge by tweeting #screenURhearing! This encourages others to take action for their hearing health.

Get Your Hearing Screened at the Walk!

To find out more information about getting your hearing screened at an HLAA Walk4Hearing, go to Find a Walk, select the Walk nearest you to find more information.

Why Get Your Hearing Screened?

  • Determines if there is a possible hearing loss
  • Hearing loss can be gradual and not always noticeable at the beginning
  • A person waits 7-10 years from the time he learns he has a hearing loss to getting help
  • It’s an important step to preventive care in managing your overall health

Walker Stepped Up for Hearing Health!

Photo of Cheri Alvarez's FamilyWhen Cheri’s family attended the Walk4Hearing, there was a hearing screening van so she encouraged her father to get a screening. He did, and, as she suspected, had a hearing loss. Cheri mentioned, “for years, my dad used the word ’what’ too often. Once he was screened positive for hearing loss, he was given the next steps what to do. He visited an audiologist and received hearing aids Cheri and her family is grateful for the hearing screening van at the Walk because it has improved his quality of life and makes conversations with him much more meaningful.