Become a Partner with Purpose


National Corporate Sponsorship

We have an ambitious goal to support people with hearing loss and encourage everyone to protect and care for their hearing. We are committed to building meaningful partnerships that will advance these goals and allow your organization to increase its impact, showcase generosity, dedication, and engagement with communities across the country.

As a Walk4Hearing sponsor, you will work with our community to educate consumers about hearing health and all they can do to live well with hearing loss. Partnering with the Walk4Hearing demonstrates your commitment to hearing loss and promoting the importance of hearing health.

For more information on national sponsorship opportunities, contact Ronnie Adler, Walk4Hearing Senior Manager, at

Local Sponsorship

To learn about local sponsorship opportunities, review our list of events and contact with your desired Walk location(s).

Our employees look forward to our local walk each year. People throughout our company join in - some ‘regulars’ return year after year, some new people, some who have personal experience with hearing loss, some in support roles. Their families and kids are part of our team. It’s a fun opportunity for employees to share personal connections while giving back to the hearing loss community we serve. Robert Engelke, President of CapTel, Inc.