Educational Webinars

HLAA members and constituents thrive on learning! Educational webinars are a tool we use to educate people with hearing loss about communication strategies, the latest technology, and more. They are not product specific, and are intended to be educational only (not a sales pitch).

We welcome professionals in the hearing industry, as well as experts on education, employment, technology, emergency preparedness, etc. to present educational webinars. As a first step complete the Educational Call for Papers form and email it to

Product/Service Showcase Webinars

Looking to promote your product or service to the hearing loss community? A showcase webinar is a great way to do that – webinars are captioned and recorded, then posted for replay. You can also drive traffic to the live webinar as well as to the recording by sharing on social media. Our webinar platform, Zoom, is extremely easy to use and versatile – conduct polls, share your screen, documents – make your presentation interactive and fun! 

HLAA is pleased to bring you industry product showcases online. To find out how your company can be included in the product showcase, email Jeryl Parade at As with any advertising or product placements in all HLAA media, at HLAA Conventions, or during online meetings, mention of products and services does not mean HLAA endorsement nor does exclusion of products mean disapproval.