Protect Your Ears This Summer!

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Barbara Kelley, Executive Director, Hearing Loss Association of America
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Most of us know that the sun can damage our skin and lead to skin cancer, and that too much junk food can lead to obesity and other diseases, but what about our ears? Many people don’t pay enough attention to these crucial organs that receive sound, relay it to our brains and keep us connected to the world around us.

Summertime eventsSummertime can be a dangerous time for our ears! Concerts, fireworks and lawn equipment all can cause noise-induced permanent hearing damage. We’re all at risk, including kids, but here are some things you can do to avoid damage:

Protect your ears!

  • Wear ear plugs at sporting events, concerts, or around loud equipment
  • Keep ear bud or headphone volume low
  • Take frequent breaks from listening to allow your ears to recover
  • Get your hearing checked regularly

Our hearing can be like a score card of the noise we’ve been exposed to throughout our lives, and damage is irreversible. About 48-million Americans have hearing loss in at least one ear, and left untreated, hearing loss can lead to other health issues like dementia, depression and balance problems.

As summer kicks off, remember your ear plugs, and your overall hearing health. To learn more, visit our hearing loss basics prevention page.

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