Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter Meeting – October 20, 2020

We invite veterans with hearing loss to attend the next Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter Meeting (VAAVC) online using Zoom on October 20, 2020 at 8 pm EST (US and Canada).

Photo of Don Doherty


Don Doherty, President of VAAVC

The Psychology of Hearing Loss

This presentation explores the biological, psychological, social and idiosyncratic aspects associated with hearing loss. Hearing loss challenges faced by all ages are addressed along with the skills and assistive technology needed to successfully thrive with a hearing loss. The session ends with a review of physical, social and psychological consequences of untreated hearing loss.

Don Doherty is a retired Marine Corps combat veteran (1965-1987) who lost his hearing during his 1965-1966 tour in Vietnam. He has worn hearing aids since June 1970. Mr. Doherty is retired from the Department of Veterans Affairs after 25 years of service. He was the education specialist for the National Chaplain Training Center. His specialties included education, curriculum development, instruction, technology and hearing loss.

Don and his wife, Melanie, reside in Moyock, NC


You will need to register in advance for this meeting. After registering, a confirmation email will be sent with information to help you join the meeting. 

Helpful Hints and Tutorials

  • Zoom concerns have been addressed and procedures will be modified as Zoom continues to update their software. The main security issue was with open meetings. When you register, it creates a unique link for a password protected session.
  • Use a computer. If possible, attend the meeting on a computer rather than via a smart phone or iPad. This will give you the best layout to view the captions as well as other meeting features.
  • Captions. Meetings are open or closed captioned.
  • Check your time zone. This meeting will take place live at 8 p.m. ET. If you are in a different time zone, please adjust the time so you do not miss the meeting.

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