Career Success after Hearing Loss

February 15, 2017


This webinar will focus on career success research in the general population, Dr. Baldridge’s current research on career success after hearing loss, and participants’ own employment experiences. We will discuss the types of jobs, tasks, and organizational contexts in which people with hearing loss are more likely to be successful. We will also discuss day-to-day behaviors associated with workplace success, including management of supervisors, coworkers, and accommodations. Guided by Dr. Baldridge’s current research findings, we will discuss post-hearing loss quests for meaningful work and big picture answers to “Who am I?”, “Am I still successful?” as well as redefinition of oneself (e.g., I am now both a person with a disability and a successful professional) and career success (e.g., I now care about service to society as much as I care about material success).


David Baldridge Headshot

David Baldridge, BGS, MBA, Ph.D.

Professor, Oregon State University

David Baldridge, Ph.D., is a deafened, cochlear implant user. Dr. Baldridge is a long-time HLAA member, and a member of the HLAA Task Force on Employment. He is a Toomey Faculty Fellow and professor of management at Oregon State University. He has researched the workplace experiences of people with hearing... Read More >