5 Keys to Communication Success

February 18, 2015


Communication is our way, as human beings, of connecting with each other and with the world around us. Hearing is just one piece of the communication puzzle. Hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive listening devices do a wonderful job of helping people to hear. But better hearing will not facilitate better communication unless the other pieces of the puzzle are put into place. The 5 Keys to Communication Success is a simple and fun way to learn and practice strategies that target all pieces of the communication puzzle.


Photo of Dusty Jessen, Au.D.

Dusty Jessen, Au.D.

Audiologist, Author

Dusty Jessen, Au.D. has been an audiologist in a busy ENT practice for more than 12 years. In 2013 she wrote and published a handbook (Frustrated by Hearing Loss? 5 Keys to Communication Success) to help people cope with the challenges related to hearing loss. This book is being used by... Read More >