Communication/Coping Strategies for Accommodating Hearing Loss

November 20, 2013


Managing communication situations requires:

  • identifying difficult and easy situations;
  • knowing the causes of communication difficulties;
  • knowing helpful and unhelpful reactions to communication breakdowns;
  • knowing what to do to prevent/reduce communication problems; and
  • knowing what to do to manage negative emotional reactions when communication difficulties arise.

Join Sam and learn better communication and coping skills.


Photo of Samuel Trychin, Ph.D.

Samuel Trychin, Ph.D.


Samuel Trychin, Ph.D. has served as the HLAA mental health/rehabilitation advisor for more than twenty years. He has worked with hundreds of people who have hearing loss and with their communication partners, has written numerous books, chapters, and articles on coping with hearing loss. Sam has a hearing loss resulting from... Read More >