Coping with the Coronavirus and Isolation, Part 2

April 02, 2020



The audience comments from Dr. Harvey’s Part 1 webinar on coping with COVID-19 revealed an amazing but not surprising richness and resiliency. This follow-up webinar will have a small presentation followed by a Q & A exchange about what the COVID-19 has to offer us beyond hardship and fear. Harvey will elicit insights from the audience about how this terrifying, surrealistic pandemic can catalyze personal psychological growth; how we can come through the COVID-19 crisis far more united than divided, far more energized than depleted, and far more loving, far more enlightened.    


Photo of Michael Harvey, Ph.D.

Michael Harvey, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Clinical Psychologist

Michael A. Harvey, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. is a psychologist in private practice in Framingham, Massachusetts. He provides training and consultation on mental health issues having to do with hearing loss, including consultation and training for audiologists regarding motivational interviewing and the psychological aspects of patient care.  As a clinical psychologist, he... Read More >