Countdown to HLAA2019

May 15, 2019


The HLAA2019 Convention will be held in Rochester, NY and HLAA is working hard to make sure this is an event you don’t want to miss! This year we have world renown geneticists on our Research Symposium panel, the latest technology and services in the exhibit hall, keynote address by the amazing Rebecca Alexander, 50 educational workshops, and fun events and entertainment! Join Amanda Watson, HLAA Meeting Planner, and Barbara Kelley, HLAA Executive Director, as they discuss the convention and answer any questions you have.


Photo of Amanda Watson

Amanda Watson

Meeting Planner, Hearing Loss Association of America

Amanda Watson joined HLAA as the meeting planner in November of 2018. Originally from Chicago, Amanda graduated from Miami University of Ohio before relocating to the DC area. Amanda came to HLAA with a background in planning conventions for associations and was drawn to HLAA because of its impact on... Read More >

Photo of Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley

Executive Director, HLAA

Barbara Kelley became executive director in March 2016. Hired by Founder Rocky Stone in 1988, Barbara has been a part of the organization’s growth, serving as editor for the award-winning magazine for more than 28 years. Her position as editor allowed her to influence attitudes, establish lexicon, and give people... Read More >