HLAA Product Showcase: Effortless Hearing with Starkey Evolv AI

November 03, 2022



Starkey’s Evolv AI hearing aid technology makes hearing effortless through a full-style product family, expanded environmental management capabilities, and effortless connectivity. Life is dynamic, and the ability to meet individual needs and preferences with amplification is essential. This webinar explains how Starkey’s Evolv AI hearing aid family delivers an exceptional amplification experience in every environment.


Andrea Hannan Dawkes

Andrea Hannan Dawkes, Au.D.

Senior Education and Training Audiologist, Starkey

Dr. Andrea Hannan Dawkes joined Starkey in 2010 as a member of the education and training team. In her current role as a senior member of the group, she assists in the development of educational materials, leads training classes, and serves as the liaison for Starkey’s university and student initiatives.... Read More >