HLAA Product Showcase Webinar: Power Up Your Call Captioning With Custom Words on CaptionMate

October 19, 2021



CaptionMate is a free captioning app for individuals with hearing loss that is available on iOS, Android and the Web. The cost of captioning each Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone (IP CTS) call is funded through a federal program, and the cost of the calls are paid for by contributions from other telecommunications users to the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) fund administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Come and learn how to increase the power and accuracy of call captioning with CaptionMate’s newest feature: Custom Words.

We’re excited to bring you the latest in call captioning technology! If you have certain words like your name, your city, or specialized words for your occupation that captions often get wrong, now you can easily enter these words into our Custom Words feature and see them corrected in your very next call!

Jon Gray demonstrated CaptionMate’s app, and explained how this latest feature makes captioning your calls even easier and more accurate. He covered how CaptionMate is easy to use in an office environment or at home, or with a Zoom call or any other webinar. He went over how CaptionMate leverages ASR to provide a speedy and accurate captioning solution, and how to do things like capture both sides of the conversation, change the language on the fly, modify your themes and color settings, how the app can be used on your own phone (iOS, Android and landline), and how to share the transcriptions with the remote party.


Jonathan Gray from CaptionMate

Jon Gray

Business Manager, CaptionMate

As Business Manager for CaptionMate Jon is involved with the company’s product development, sales and strategy. With over 17 years of experience developing products for individuals with hearing loss, Jon previously served as CSO for Bellman & Symfon where he set up North American operations for the Swedish based company. For the eight years... Read More >