HLAA Product Showcase: Resources and Support from MED-EL Corporation

November 09, 2022



This presentation covers the unique features of MED-EL technology as well as the unique levels of support hearing implant candidates and recipients receive from the hearing implant manufacturer.


Nolan Johnson headshot

Nolan Johnson

Consumer Engagement Manager, MED-EL Corporation

Nolan Johnson received his bachelor’s degree in habilitation of the deaf and hard of hearing from Texas Christian University and his master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Fontbonne University. Prior to joining MED-EL in January 2022, he worked at Cochlear where he provided technology and rehabilitation support to cochlear implant... Read More >

Shana Lucius headshot

Shana Lucius

Consumer Engagement Manager – Midwest, MED-EL Corporation

Shana Lucius is a speech language pathologist and certified auditory verbal therapist (LSLS Cert. AVT). She has specialized in hearing loss and cochlear implants her entire career. She graduated with her master’s in speech pathology from Ohio State University in 2008 then went on to train at the University of... Read More >