HLAA Product Showcase Webinar: CaptionMate

April 22, 2021



During the April 22 CaptionMate* event, Jon Gray, CaptionMate’s Business Manager, discussed how the captioning app is used for direct, independent and effective cell phone calls for people with hearing loss. Receive captions to your normal cell phone number in real-time without the annoying delays of the past. Experience total privacy with no third-party operator and always have access to the whole conversation, not just what the other person said. Customize the app by selecting the font size, color and language of your choice on either your Apple, Android or landline phone. 

CaptionMate is a free service for individuals with hearing loss. The cost of captioning each Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone (IP CTS) call is funded through a federal program, and the cost of the calls are paid for by contributions from other telecommunications users to the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) fund administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

*The FCC has conditionally certified CaptionMate. 

Note: Product showcases are for advertising purposes only. HLAA does not endorse products or services featured and the presentation is paid for by the advertiser. 


Jonathan Gray from CaptionMate

Jon Gray

Business Manager, CaptionMate

As Business Manager for CaptionMate Jon is involved with the company’s product development, sales and strategy. With over 17 years of experience developing products for individuals with hearing loss, Jon previously served as CSO for Bellman & Symfon where he set up North American operations for the Swedish based company. For the eight years... Read More >