HLAA Showcase Webinar – CapTel 2400i: Dialing by Picture

March 14, 2023



In this HLAA Showcase Webinar – CapTel 2400i: Dialing by Picture, you will learn about advanced CapTel features that make phone calls easy and convenient for people with hearing loss. This webinar explores one of those features: Dialing by Picture, which allows people who use the CapTel 2400i to dial simply by touching a picture of the person they want to call. While convenient for anyone, Dial-by-Picture is especially helpful for people with dexterity or memory issues. Intended specifically for people who use a CapTel 2400i captioned telephone, this webinar demonstrates how to sync your computer/laptop to add pictures to your phone’s contact list, and how to incorporate photos for easy one-touch Speed Dialing.


John Kinstler CapTel

John Kinstler

CapTel Outreach Marketing Manager, CapTel

John Kinstler is the Outreach Marketing Manager and Braille Services Product Manager for CapTel Inc. With more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, he is on the Board of Directors with the Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TDI), a national consumer advocacy group. He... Read More >