HLAA Showcase Webinar: Enable Captions on Your Existing Phone Number with the Nagish Mobile App

January 18, 2023



In this product showcase, you will learn about enabling captions on your existing phone number with the Nagish mobile app. Nagish (which means ‘Accessible’ in Hebrew) makes phone calls more accessible. Nagish is a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. It looks and feels just like your existing phone. The only difference is that with Nagish, you can choose to read your calls or hear them while seeing captions on your screen. Nagish empowers you to use your own voice or your device’s keyboard to speak. The app is 100% private, ultra-accurate, and has no latency. The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) believes that information about products and services that could benefit people with hearing loss should be made available to consumers to help them make informed decisions about their hearing health care. ​ Reference to specific products, services, organizations or claims made in HLAA Webinars does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by HLAA, nor does exclusion suggest disapproval. While we make every effort to provide accurate and reliable information, HLAA does not control or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or efficacy of information contained by presenters about products or services.


Tomar Aharoni

Tomer Aharoni

Co-founder and CEO, Nagish

Nagish is a tech company at the intersection of accessibility, natural language processing, and telecommunication. Prior to pursuing his life mission of making communication more accessible, Tomer worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg L.P., a research assistant at Columbia University, and an Intelligence Analyst in the IDF. Tomer holds a degree... Read More >