HLAA Showcase Webinar: Introduction to Implantable Solutions and The Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor

December 13, 2022



Nearly 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 65 is affected by hearing loss. Are you or a loved one struggling to hear even when using high-powered hearing aids? This webinar talks about implantable solutions including the latest in Cochlear innovation: the Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor.


Colleen Kinsella of Cochlear Americas

Colleen Kinsella, Ed.D.

Engagement Manager, Cochlear Americas

As a teacher of the Deaf and Early Interventionist, Colleen Kinsella spent five years working alongside children and their families, providing support and resources to ensure success in the classroom and beyond. She continues to use those skills serving as a resource to help people explore Cochlear as a hearing... Read More >