HLAA Showcase Webinar: See What CaptionMate is now Offering

February 14, 2023



You asked, CaptionMate listened. CaptionMate is a mobile app for iPhones and Android devices. As an innovator in the mobile captioning space, CaptionMate uses ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) to provide fast and accurate captions in real time. It is also the only service to caption both sides of the conversation, allow consumers to share their conversation in real time, and provide captions in over 100 languages. In this Product Showcase Webinar, viewers will learn about the new features CaptionMate is offering.


Jonathan Gray from CaptionMate

Jon Gray

Business Manager, CaptionMate

As Business Manager for CaptionMate Jon is involved with the company’s product development, sales and strategy. With over 17 years of experience developing products for individuals with hearing loss, Jon previously served as CSO for Bellman & Symfon where he set up North American operations for the Swedish based company. For the eight years... Read More >