HLAA Webinar: Good Enough

February 23, 2021



Each of us has a story – several really – that goes beyond our hearing loss, our hearing aids and the challenges we face living with them. What‘s your story? Have you used your talents – your writing, your art, your music, your voice – to share your story with others?

Stu Nunnery and Laurel Jonason shared excerpts from their new screenplay, “Good Enough,” to illustrate how authentic, three-dimensional characters go beyond their hearing loss to turn what once was “perfect” into “good enough” and how Hollywood has begun to take note.


Stu Nunnery

Stu Nunnery


Stu Nunnery is a graduate of Princeton University. He has studied piano, voice, acting, improvisation and public speaking in New York, Philadelphia and Providence, RI. Stu is a member of the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss and for his activism in the hearing loss population, Stu is a... Read More >

Laurel Jonason

Laurel Jonason is an RN with a forty-year career that included twenty-six years at Yale New Haven’s Neonatal Infant Care Unit, caring for sick, premature, and compromised infants. She wrote and spoke extensively promoting ways to support families whose infants had died. For “Excellence in Nursing,” Laurel received the Nightingale... Read More >